Косметическая линия - контроль КПГ

Противостоять процессам гликации необходимо каждый день, как изнутри, так и снаружи. Самое заметное воздействие процессов гликации можно увидеть на коже. Моринда создала Гель для лица и тела серии TruAge skin.


Также до конца августа действует акция "Гель TruAge 1+1":

При покупке одного Геля для лица и тела серии TruAge Skin или одного набора Геля  - второй такой же вы получаете в подарок!

Вы можете заказать гель пройдя по ссылке: http://morinda.usluga.me/ 

 г. Астана, ул. Кенесары, 40 БЦ "7 - Континент"  +7 701 771 23 51, +7 702 367 31 78




Способствует предотвращению образования КПГ к коже. Оказывает смягчающее действие. Борется с признаками возрастных изменений кожи. Подходит для использования в любом возрасте и для любого типа кожи.



This month, we’re highlighting AGE Therapy Gel as the August Product of the Month. Why make such a big deal out of some skin lotion? Because it’s so much more than that! Allow me to explain.

Morinda started in 1996 with just one product: Tahitian Noni Juice. Thanks to the incredible power of the noni superfruit, this daily supplement provided great health benefits to people all over the world. Years later, we discovered that one of the reasons noni is so incredible is because it contains phytonutrients called iridoids, which fight against harmful compounds called advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). AGEs prematurely age the body and lead to a variety of health issues.

Still with me? Good, we’re getting there.

Once we made the discovery about the iridoids in noni, we decided to search the globe for other sources of iridoids. We found that cranberries, blueberries, Cornelian cherries and olive leaves were also great sources of iridoids, and combined them with noni to create TruAge Max. An independent study showed that Max reduces AGEs in the body by up to 24 percent, helping you live younger, longer.

Okay, we’re coming to the end now.

Because Max was so effective, we sought to take its exclusive blend of ingredients and apply it to a topical product for the skin that helps you look younger, longer. Thus, AGE Therapy Gel was born. Because its blend of ingredients reduces AGEs, that means younger-looking skin. It means fewer fine lines, age spots and wrinkles.

AGE Therapy Gel also contains ingredients like carnosine and beta-glucan that help protect, soothe and repair your skin. 

Continued use of AGE Therapy Gel produces incredible results, so order some today! Or, try 5-Day Repair, a five-day supply of AGE Therapy Gel. We’re confident you’ll love the results you get and that you’ll agree that five days just aren’t enough.

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